What We Spend Our Money On

One of our main aims is to provide expensive equipment for use by locals with lung diseases.

Here is a short list of a few of the items we have recently purchased - some for general use and others to help individuals live a longer and more fulfilled life:

        Cough Assist £5000

        Oxygen concentrators. 3 at £2900 each

        Oxygen bag's for all possessors of oxygen cylinders £50 each.

        Exercise equipment (hand weights, steps ) for the Beau Sejour pulmonary rehab programme

        Portable nebulisers

        Alternative therapy for transplant patients.

        Wheel chairs, bath aids etc.

        Purchased for Individuals

           Oxygen monitor £204.79

            Commode £235

            Six Reflexology Sessions £210.

            Treadmill £399.

            Five Portable Oxygen Bags £36.00
            Roy Castle Lung Foundation packs Postage £45.88
            Nebulizer Compression System £75
            (A further nebulizer to be purchased in the near future).
            Philips Nebulizer £210.00 

        Round Table Purchase

            2 x Portable Oxygen Concentrators each at £2900